My Pet-projects

Just the log of what I've done.


  1. Telegram bot for MIPTBASE's voting.
  2. - Mining Pool for Chia blockchain.
  3. - Recurrent payments on Ethereum, Binance-Smart-Chain, Polygon (ERC20 & Smart-contracts).
  4. Alan - Automated Telegram account that pretends like a real human, participates in public chats, and generates answers using GPT3.
  5. Next2meBot - Telegram bot that shows top Instagram locations nearby.


  1. - Automatic Instagram likes exchange / B2C SaaS $100k YRR.
  2. - e-commerce store in Telegram bot. $2k MRR on referrals.
  3. - bot gives free Instagram likes. 100k MAU / 0.5M total. Read how I created a viral loop.
  4. - Automation of Instagram follow4follow community in telegram. 20K MAU / 0.1M total.


  1. FFmemesbot - Infinite personalized meme feed in chatbot (applied to YCombinator batch W19, S20, W21).
  2. - exchange testnet blockchain tokens as if they have real value.
  3. Idea & Prototype: Fighting mispurchases to save delivery costs and protect ecology (Hackathon, read more).
  4. RussianHackTeam - a community of professional hackathon players (me as a mentor).


  1. FlightWallet - iOS app that signs blockchain transactions without internet access so your private key can't be exposed. We use another app Terminal to generate invoices for clients and to broadcast signed transactions.
  2. Phystech.TV - 24/7 video stream of videos made by MIPT students
  3. CryptoMIPT - scripts to collect, store market data and automatic traders


  1. MoreJustMedia – highlights manipulation and bias in the text. Was selected into Winno Moscow acceleration program. YC application.
  2. Neural cat – CC-BY photos from Flickr, caption generation via Google Translate API, all activity automated. 2500 followers, no manual content at all
  3. - several small projects using: Lightning Network, NodeJS, VueJS, Nginx, RTMP, Chrome extensions, etc.
  4. Instagram Bot Project - Github community of developers of Instagram tools.
  5. Crypto Santa - Airdrop ERC20 tokens with non-trivial rules to test behavioral economics' FOMO effects.


  1. Instabot - Python package to automate your Instagram activity (massliking, autofollow, block bots).
  2. - podcasts for MIPT students. I created and DevOps'ed the whole streaming infrastructure (Icecast, LiquidSoup, Azuracast).